Add User to Restricted List on Face Book

Add User to Restricted List on Face Book

Follow these simple steps to add any user on your friends list to restricted access.

Ever felt the need to block that most annoying of users on FaceBook, yet not completely offend them by removing them as a friend? Need to control your boss’ access to your FaceBook without removing them?

This one’s for you

Go to the timeline of the user you want to change the lists

Click on FRIENDS on that persons’s timeline, and you will likely have to hit the button that says “Add to more lists”


Select “Restricted”

BE SURE to REMOVE them from any other lists.


Now, go to your own timeline and start a new post.

Hit the setting to the bottom right of the post that sets publicity.


Choose your desired lists from the top – I usually have mine set to “Friends”

THEN click custom. In the bottom of the window where is says “Don’t Share This With”, start typing “Restricted” and select it once it appears.

Hit Save Changes

custom privacy


From now on, FaceBook will use these settings, until you change them. They will remain the default settings for all new posts you make on your page, including from your mobile device.

The fact he is on your restricted list will also prevent him from commenting on any OTHER posts people make on your timeline.

To test how he will view it, return to your TimeLine, and click the down arrow to the right of Activity Log on the bottom right of your Timeline photo. Select View As

This will take you to your TimeLine as the public NON FRIENDS see you. In the top left of your window, Select View As Specific Person – Type in his name, and you will view your TimeLine just as he will see it.


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