Installing OMSA (VIB) on ESXi 5.x

How to install OMSA on ESXi 5.1

NOTE: This installation will require at least 1 reboot.

NOTE: This installation requires ESXI 5.1 Update 2 at minimum.

Tools Required:

SSH access to ESXi host

WINSCP to transfer files to the host

OEM-Dell Open Manage VIB for ESXi 5.1

Dell Open Manage Server Administrator 7.4 Web Client

Before getting started, enable ssh access to your ESXi host:

Installation Steps:

1. Get the vib:

2. Put host in Maintenance Mode and putty/ssh into console as root.

3. Check for previous installs:

esxcli software vib list

If needed, remove old version of Open Manage with:

esxcli software vib remove –vibname=OpenManage

*If old software was removed, reboot and reconnect via putty.

4. Upload the file. Use WinSCP to connect and SFTP files. I used /var/log/vmware/

5. Install it using the VIB:

As an alternate, you can use VSphere CLI and install with this command

esxcli –server software vib install -d /var/log/vmware/

esxcli software vib install -d /tmp/

6. Reboot and exit Maintenance Mode in vSphere. Reboot the host.

7. On a local machine, with admin privileges, remove the old OMSA Client if needed from add/remove programs.

Load new 7.4 Web Client: • Win x86:

• Win x64:

*Note: This must be installed on a Vista or Server 08 or newer OS.*

9. Launch the “Server Administrator” application on the Web Client host, log in to ESXi host as root (Note: be sure to check the ignore certificate errors check box).

Optional Install Items:

Open Manage Essentials:

OMSA 7.4 is successfully installed and loaded.

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