Windows 8.1 Wireless Unidentified Network

Windows 8.1 Wireless Unidentified Network

Symptom: Windows 8.1 with a Broadcom 802.11n network adapter. When connecting to a wireless network, an IP address may be assigned via DHCP, but the adapter sits at Unidentified Network, and won’t allow internet/network access.

This happens because the Windows 8.1 supplied driver for this card doesn’t allow it to properly access the full range of wireless signals.

The Fix:

NOTE: You may want to create a system restore point before making the below change.

– Right click on the Windows tile on the bottom left of the taskbar.
– Open ‘Device Manager’
– Expand ‘Network adapters’
– Right click on your ‘Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter’
– ‘Update Driver Software’
– ‘Browse my computer for driver software’
– ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’
– Un-check ‘Show compatible hardware’
– Scroll down on the ‘Manufacturer’ panel to ‘Broadcom’ and select it
– Scroll down on the ‘Network Adapter:’ and find ‘Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Network Adapter’
– Select it, and click ‘Next’
– Say yes to the ‘Update Driver Warning’
– Close and you should be able to connect gracefully.

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